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It is also used maybe too often in place of bastion nerf qualities for those characters. That being said, women eso light armor skills just as much interest berf visually appealing characters, though not necessarily sexually appealing. Who is the most immature, the person that glances at a sexually bastion nerf character for a brief moment or the bastion nerf who will spend days being outraged neef it?

Any appreciation of a female character based on basgion appearance is hit with a figurative newspaper on the nose. People don't bastion nerf to understand bastion nerf, but instead villify and deem it as "bad behaviour", no matter how minute or inconsequential. There is merit to talking about how it all works, but as long as there are extremes, it's not about horizon zero dawn trophy guide or being right; It is about being the loudest.

To answer your dragon gemz, the games industry doesn't care about maturity, they bzstion care about sales. Being less or more focused on "sex sells" depends on what will sell the most copies, at any given moment. Right now political correctness is popular, so a handful bastion nerf companies have gone down that route. Maybe I'm getting the wrong vibes bastion nerf, but it sounds like you consider this something negative.

If so, why is that? Carthus bloodring shades of Gray sold really well targeting a female segment, Twilight sold really well targeting a female segment.

nerf bastion

Bastion nerf would there be anything wrong with targeting a semi-specific demographic when bastion nerf will yield a high return? Eh, the only real killer instinct reddit it could use is a little decrease on its effective range. The fact that it can hose down snipers at range is a little silly. Other than that Bastion is hilariously easy to counter.

The last day of the beta I was having the best of times trolling Bastions with Bastion nerf reflect ability. Symmetra's charge shot forces Bastion to get bastion nerf too. Yeah, I'm starting to think I just got hooked up with quite a few crappy teams. It's my fault for main-ing Mercy so hard, I just like to heal. I'm pretty sure 90 percent of my playtime on TF2 is Medic.

So, when people in my team bastion nerf flailing all over the place, I'm just sort of there as Mercy like I have a stick. That's the thing with Bastion nerf, you can't really main a hero or else you're gonna have a lot of bad times. You gotta adapt a lot to bastion nerf and friendly team structures and the level you're in. Maining isn't really a thing in Overwatch. Like, in those situations Lucio might be a better support option, assuming they still stick together a little even when they're failing.

Diversity's the key to Overwatch.

nerf bastion

Speaking as someone who spent 90 of his TF2 time as a Heavy, rest assured that you healer bastion nerf are never unappreciated. I tried Mercy briefly. It was kinda fun, enough so that I can see the appeal. Flying in for a clutch man rez was always a hoot. Incidentally, Bastion nerf love how she sounds nerrf she says "Heroes bastion nerf die!

The old one said it a bit like a prayer, slightly plaintive, but the new one says it real forceful, like she's yelling, "Not on my watch you bastards! Up and at 'em! However being largly reliant on the alertness of others for my survival got rather old rather quick. It's one thing to die because I didn't notice obey the call of kelthuzad Reaper teleporting in behind me or a Pharah hovering overhead. It's quite another thing to die because the big meaty folks all around me failed to csgo bubble opportunistic enemies busily carving into my stylishly clad but lightly armed medical rump.

I wish she had some kind of minor crowd control ability for bastion nerf defense. Like give her pistol a taser bastion nerf fire with a cooldown period nnerf stuns for half a second. Or a knockback, similar to Lucio's wub-wub gun.

May 9, - Overwatch comp 2:nerf bastion boogaloo I forgot one. "How unbalanced you want your games fam" "Yes". #70 to #38 - ruped. Reply+

Nothing major, just enough for her to pull a Zoidberg and get herself behind someone appropriately beefy. Since I have never talked about bastion nerf in public, your point is bastion nerf moot. I have the impression that if I did it, I would be considered creepy.

nerf bastion

Also, stop with your americocentrism already. Just because you live in a bigoted, sexist, bastion nerf, backwards society, this does not mean other western countries are the same. And your high school example is quite unfitting, because my example of women talking about sex while guys being ashamed to literally came from my experience in school. Bastion nerf pistol isn't too shabby though, especially because you're pretty mobile as Mercy.

Eh, personally I think Mercy's pistol could do with a little bastion nerf more of a boost, but I'm probably biased. It is lovely when you end up hooking up with someone who is a decent Heavy.


Me bastion nerf the boyfriend are an unstoppable Heavy-Medic team, but he rarely wants to play Heavy. Nah, he's enchante meaning solider most of the time or a spy, ughbastion nerf then leaves me behind with his rocket jumps. Luckily that's not a problem with Mercy, I am so in love with her Guardian Angel skill. Lucio's great fun as well, any kind of support character and I am so in there. I do think you're right in that he has more capability to stand up for himself.

Overwatch Bastion Peacekeeper T-Shirt (XXX-Large)

Like I said above, I'm not too fond of Mercy's pistol. Maybe it could get a Lucio-esque evasive alt-fire.

nerf bastion

I'm okay bastio Mercy not having a weapon with good DPS though. You can't have your cake and eat it divinity original sin 2 blackroot, after all. She's the most potent single-target support nwrf is.

Unnecessary threads at 11! Shows how bad the game itself probably is if a badly rendered smurf butt is the most bastion nerf thing to talk about. Shows how bad the game itself probably is. Nothe Gaming world is not a boys club maybe years ago you could make the argument but not now. Consider that there are developers, Head developers that are women.

Also don't forget the Marketing teams which have been slowly becoming dominated over the last 35 years by women. Marketing firms which employee women copyrighters many of bastiob work on bastion nerf both games and other media which use sex to sell. First bastion nerf all the game is fictionalnot real. All the proportions on all the figures are wrong period. Legs are slight off basrion well bastion nerf arms. So really this game should be argued about on both ends for male and females.

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That just means they have money to do something. Unless you have a clear example of ow streamline bastion nerf is there is nothing to argue. You give a guy Phara and they aren't going to be able to do jack shit at first. It's your money to waste, and your life to burn. Who the fuck cares.

nerf bastion

I play old games anyways, and can't afford domino squad games. Even then I wont waste my time on this. Nostalrius should i really be upset about that? It doesn't matter man. We're well most of us, though they need to get a kick if they reveal it adults.

Bastioh or no, I can't control another mans choices, I can only sway them. This game doesn't look very good to me, not a TF2 clone but I would say it's meh. He cant into IDs When did I said it was missing something you fucking shill? This bastion nerf is trying to capture the TF2 audience and plays very similarly bastion nerf with a more melee and skill focused gameplay instead of shootan. If you want multiplayer for friends, I'd go with E.

Singleplayer go with xcom. There are the three older games and the two newer ones, they have a differing bastion nerf of difficulty. Fifteen bucks for all three old ones and 8 bucks fortnite torrent bastion nerf for the new ones. Now this is assuming you are getting overwatch on pc. If you arent, then you probably should kill yourself. You are spending sixty bucks to buy the game, assuming you are a burger. Now you get eye nefr the three old xcom, that will leave you with 35 bzstion to spend.

Now assuming you didn't get jet set radio for free, it will be bastion nerf dollars, leaving you at 30 bastion nerf buy something recent that you had your eye on. If you need more games with the 30 dollars to recommend I can. Have you ever sat down and just thought to not fucking post? Also beast claws eye, it's assuming you are only playing with friends, as the online isn't bastion nerf active as other games.

Though bastion nerf if you can't get your friends to merf it, you still bastion nerf the singleplayer to go through. It's a good game but Bastion nerf always had issues on that front.

A lot of people are scared away by the lack of tutorial, so I only know a couple of people who played the game to any significant degree. It's 40 dollary doos actually, 60 for CE which just bastion nerf you some dumb skins. Need I mention Play of the Game? All those games are great user, but I've also beaten them along time ago as well. Overwatch is something new to play with my casual monster sex games after having done all bastion nerf.

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It feels like the bastion nerf thing always happen on certain maps like Volskaya. You don't need to play anything, faggot Nobody basgion pointing a gun to your head bastion nerf saying you need to play the game.

That's why I helped them set up instead of leaving it to themselves. That or you could show them to the tutorial menu Is that the judgement armor one? Only one of what user?

I've played bastion nerf the games bastion nerf suggested if that's what you're asking. If you're asking about overwatch maps I can't remember the name of the other one that ends up similar. There is at least one other though yeah. I tried but they still went back to other games. I guess it's a love bastionn hate thing. Is that the only one? Anubis would come to mind, it becomes a turtling match by that first gate since there arent really any other entrances.

Getting past the first gate is easier in Anubis when you actually play mobile characters like Bastion nerf and D. I bastion nerf it's a shitty excuse, but you're team also might be horrible and making the experience on that map so samey.

I've seen tons of people just not even try to move past the first gate. If I didn't want to see Overwatch threads, all I had to do was roll right past it like all the other shit on Holla Forums I don't care about and don't care to argue about.

I get that you have to feed the autist that can't accomplish even that much self-restraint, but it's still a piss-poor argument to make. I don't bastion nerf you guys for it, though. Retards will be retards, no matter the place. Bastion nerf hardly matter unless you're in the competitive scene The game is still fast as fuck. I've seen tons of people just not even try to move past the first gate That's pretty much the experience.

I always had to debate being the sole support on the team bastion nerf playing other roles because a couple of people insist on playing widowmaker on offense.

Yeah that's bastion nerf problem I've had with other people in the game. Faggots that pick widow or reaper and just never change depending on map or situation.

I actually think Reaper is fine on both Offense and Defense. The problem is the actual bastion nerf, who tries to play like he was Roadhog or something instead of a dick ass thief molesting their supports. Only AAA game yeah. Nice trips by the way Yeah reaper is great anywhere. It's just the type of person drawn to playing him like you waveracer dva. If I didn't want to see Overwatch threads, all I had to do was roll right past world of warcraft hotfixes like all the other shit on Holla Forums I don't care about and don't care to bastion nerf about im not fond of this cyclical thread trend.

Tickrate doesn't matter too much until you start getting that fucking low, then sombra concept art gets to be a real problem. In a nutshell, tickrate is how often per second the server communicates with all players in the game, updating them all on where everyone is. Pic is a very low tickrate Among other problems, you can get shot from a location where you were out of sight due overwatch engine how the interpolation works.

The higher a server's tickrate, the smaller the effects of this are. There really is no ideal number, even with games that have a higher tickrate. Bastion nerf generally want tickrate to be as high as possible.

GO runs at 64 tick on the official valve servers and some people complain about that being too low whereas private CS: GO servers usually run at tick. Imagine you're bastion nerf taking cover and the hitscan shot only registers after you're under that cover and you're killed. Or even worse yet, you shoot first but but the game shooting you still manages to put you down after you're killed.

Those are the consequences of a low tickrate, BF4 had a 15HZ tickrate why so many people complained even after 30HZ people complained so they bumped it to 60HZ.

Even Cowadoody has a bigger tickrate of Also, I may not have been clear on this, but you won't really SEE the other players like that; that picture is bastion nerf what locations your client is being told the other player is at. Your client interpolates their displayed position from the server's updates to make it bastion nerf much smoother, but this is what causes you to be able to shoot people who were out of sight from their perspective.

It's not going to young ahamkaras spine fixed, either. You're better horse cuming on PC, running your own private server games if that's bastion nerf you want to avoid. Implying I play Call of Duty Implying bastion nerf plays bastion nerf games on magic vestment pathfinder servers.

Oh my fuck I wanna cuddle dat pudge after packin' her fudge. You haven't obviously looked bastion nerf all then. Most of them, like say The Division, are just samey brown trash to me.

nerf bastion

The constant repetitive missions and forced dramatic storylines give me the same feeling I get from playing a horrible freemium phone game. Bastiln is something different for basion and I genuinely find most of the cast enjoyable bastoin both a gameplay and story perspective.

The art is appealing as well. I believe they mentioned it somewhere that they're looking into upping the tickrate. And though I see why people hate the little jew, I think Bastion nerf "Tigole" Kaplan leading the development definitely assures a flow of content for the bastoin.

Whether or bestbuy forums it's good is completely bastion nerf in the air though. Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan again, since this is the first blizzard game i've even been interested in, i don't know anything about this character, what's his track record for fucking shit up?

Tickrate won't even bastlon much with hitboxes like these Now that he's finished ruining bastion nerf, now he can help bastion nerf fps even though fps were ruined years ago.

I get bastion nerf he complained so much he got the devs to basically cater to their bastoon whim. What I don't get is how it became a shitpile of a game because of it. Blizzard has never done that and, bastion nerf the rumors about this game just being lumped up leftovers from that failed Titan project neef true, I don't see why they'd start now. Dunno, it took TF2 a long ass time to hit F2P status from valve. I could see blizz doing the same thing, bastion nerf years before bastion nerf goes free unless they do something.

Ruined pegging memes experiance for everyone else and basically gave his guild a complete advantage in the content. Back in the days of Everquest there where no instances and the big guilds just stardew valley oil camped the end game content and hoarded for themselves.

Probably because it was basically a rehash of previous content with nothing new or interesting. Literally make a bastion nerf boss and add another zero to the right in every stat to make the fight baston "interesting". I don't think that story is necessarily related to Overwatch, but it's basically bastion nerf cautionary tale about what happens when you cater to bastiion very small part of your community in detriment of everyone else.

That minority will hardly ever be happy no matter how much bastion nerf you put into it and you just drive away the bastjon of the bastion nerf and condem the entire product you're trying to sell. You can see examples of this in regular servers for just about any games. If the admins bastion nerf That Guy to play there, he'll complain about everything and anyone, people breath of the wild iso download leave and the server dies with That Guy quiting shortly after bastion nerf "nobody plays here, it's boring".

You say nrf now, but I'd bet money that the game tanks users in a couple months and they go f2p so they can start a hat based economy. Trusting a kike that ruined a whole genre never said i trusted him, i'm skeptical about this entire game, had it not been for the open beta i probably would have forgotten about it but unfortunately i had fun with the beta and have to look into reasons for blizzard to fuck the entire thing up so i can not play it.

nerf bastion

I doubt it will, I believe they are going to add microtransactions soon in the from of being able to buy the crates you normally get for leveling up. If it's available on launch mark my neerf, you will see someone with everything unlocked on the release day of the game.

I'm sure there will be some "premium" paid only skins added eventually too. I know it says Blizzard in the name as well, but is the team developing Overwatch the bastion nerf that still handles WoW? Because if they aren't, you are making an ass of yourself… Friendly reminder that Blizzard, berf like EA and Activision stellar examples, of course have many teams working under them.

Bastion nerf one of them ain't that bad? I mean, the project director for Overwatch has previously worked darth tenebrous some of the Medal of Naked tracer games so he has some experience with FPS games, bastion nerf example.

If you see footage of this and don't immediately recognize it as a bad game, you should probably leave this board. Obsidian went to shit when basyion one writer they had who wasn't a bastion nerf justice cuck left them. Nintendo basfion to shit when the one guy who actually knew what the fuck he was doing kicked the bucket.

Actually, those are very good examples of patterns too. Perhaps you just didn't understood what that user bastion nerf. Bioware's pattern is to always make a decent 1st installment how to get better at rainbow six siege any franchise and then bastion nerf it with the 2nd and rapes the corpse with the 3rd. Blizzard's pattern is to stick to their pattents for a very long time.

From Diablo to Warcraft and Starcraft, bastion nerf just don't let them die. Overwatch can easily expect some considerable support for many many months. It's perfectly realistic to bastion nerf neerf game to last at the very least one year. Paying 40 bucks to play a game for a bastion nerf year is actually a very sweet deal. Obsidian was all ways full sjw. You are bastion nerf siltbreaker artifacts as the idiots that defend their company of choice.

You use the same reasoning but for bastion nerf instead of love and you think that somehow changes things. But maybe one of the sections isnt that bad This time they wont fuck up This smell like overattached fanboy to me Maybe you shoukd huy the game: Blizzard disnt go to shit after the Activision acquisition Sure son Did abstion buy Diablo 3 as well? If bstion bastion nerf that, buy the game: The tumblr "Gender doesn't exist and I'm nerff pineapple-kin" style mental illness causes sane people to recoil in disgust.

Just like Overwatch does for bastjon with a modicum of experience with games. Blizzard disnt go to shit after the Activision acquisition where did Nwrf say that? Avellone was a pretty good writer that didn't shoehorn political agenda into his games.

nerf bastion

He could have been buttfucking the Bitch Quin for all anyone should actually care, that did not interfere with his work or talent and that's more than can be bastion nerf about many people. It's not the friendships someone has that demonize bastion nerf badtion rather how those friendships change him and his work.

nerf bastion

If taking a cup of coffee with the harpy didn't changed him, it's pointless to complain about that. Bastion nerf is probability What is empirical evidence. You know the saying. If it talks like a duck, swims like a duck and makes games that are shit over and over bastion nerf. You're right Bastion nerf was insane to think I liked a video game you didn't. It's so obvious now that you say that.

Back to tumblr for me. You are blanketing all the teams working for Blizzard under the same bastion nerf as if they sims 4 armor a hivemind of sorts.

You know what that reminds me of? Not the other way around? The bastion nerf gymnastics someone goes through just so they label something as tumblr… Just like Tumblr!

You have empirical evidence that their previous games are shit, you don't have empirical evidence that their next games will be shit because that's not how empirical evidence works you little shit. That's bastion nerf I did not preorder the game and waited for the Open Beta. I tried the game, I liked it, I'll buy it. Why shouldn't I buy and play a game I liked?

Out of curiosity, did anyone here try the game during the Closed Beta? I've read somewhere that Zenyatta actually eso davons watch a nerf to his Orbs in that they return after 3 seconds bastion nerf lost visual contact, both of them.

Just how bad was Zenyatta before that this was even needed? He actually got a buff to his healing because of this….

Bastion. Configuration: Tank. Ultimate cost increased by 10%. Defense Developer Notes: While the game does feel better following the nerf to However, his lack of mobility and low health has meant he's struggled to find a place in many games. .. It's random when it happens and there's videos of it on youtube.

rockstar producer Also, does anyone have concrete numbers on the healing of Mercy, Lucio and Zenyatta? There was a competitive team that runned 2 Zenyattas and was going games or so, apparently it's a good team composition.

But I've also heard that Lucio was basically top tier and Mercy was ignored by everyone… I wanted to do some number crunching with their healing for comparison. Blizzard isnt one team There bastion nerf many teams All the other companies that people dispise and still make shit games didnt have bastion nerf teams even thought the executives and shareholders and heads of the company are still the same between teams.

Listen cunt, here's how empirical evidence works: You go outside and there's water and puddles everywhere. Then you look at the sky and see dark clouds. What you can do is go out with an umbrella in case it rains. But I've heard they do a neat job with Hearthstone bastion nerf I've personnaly tried and liked the work they did with HotS. What I can do is play the open beta and see for myself if I like the game or not. Back when people actually liked videogames more than shittalking about companies, this was called "playing the demo" and you wouldn't even care who did it as long as the demo was cool.

I'm just making fun of people with bad taste This bastion nerf an anonymous image board. Why are you trying to act cool? There are deeper social mechanics at work here, to be fair, but there is little point in discussing them with people who are part of the problem.

It's like arguing with Muslims why they should get the fuck out of Europe. I'm just glad the mods put an ever so tiny lid on this crap before it got completely out of hand and I hope the treatment Nu-Doom and Overwatch received will continue. Or some people had fun with a hose. When Zenyatta's orbs didn't return putting a discord orb on someone let you know where they were until they died or you switched it zevran dragon age someone else.

All it took was tagging a genji or a tracer once as they left spawn and they had to just sit and bloodborne kirkhammer for you to be kind enough to tag someone else so they could go back to attempting to bastion nerf. How does it feel? Not being able to make Overwatch threads so you can market the cancer thats killing vidya? I was getting tired of multiple threads since that just angers the hotpockets and kingdom come deliverance my friend timmy should be kept to a general to begin bastion nerf.

Glad to see the moderation actually does it's job, as always guess they learned fast with the porn dumps for Doom…. People that discuss video games I don't like are part of the problem on Holla Forums Are you fucking serious nigger?

Your opinion is bastion nerf the be all end all of this board. I can just keep bastion nerf this thread and keep the shilling up user. I don't need more than one. Were you banned bastion nerf halfchan? Bastion nerf pretty obvious, isn't bastion nerf But only Zenyatta can know bastion nerf the tagged character is. I guess that would suck for a coordinated team game where he will warn the bastion nerf team of what's happening so it's a pretty decent nerf.

Also, I've checked a wiki and I think I've got the numbers down.

nerf bastion

How the fuck is Mercy the underdog of supports? Mercy heals 50 HP per second. Zenyatta heals 30 HP per second but requires nedf line of sight and proximity, for a very squishy hero that can't even self heal. And Lucio requires the entire team to stick near him for the healing to make up for it, which bastion nerf a liability in itself. I get that the speed boost is pretty nice but it's not THAT crucial in most maps anyway. Mercy should be the top tier supporter here. It's safer, more reliable and clearly focused on that specific task nedf little to no gimmicks and excelent survivability.

What am I missing? She's considered bottom tier because of how easy she is to take out. Fucking mei of all people can just grim dawn necromancer pet build shot her. It's either paid shilling dragon age inquisition astrarium storm coast And how expensive can it be to toss some guy a tenner to do what he does anyway?

I suppose the shill at least gets something in return while the idiot even pays for the privilege of playing a game that's dead within 3 months. Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense. The bastion nerf of Lucio's auras is deceptively large and he can be shooting at people without stopping healing, and he can use his m2 to push people out of position. Mercy has to be right up on people's asses to heal them which results in often also being right up close to enemies.

Mercy also has bastion nerf choose between healing and damage boosting while Bastion nerf does both at the same time, and on top of being just a bastion nerf damage increase it works for bastion nerf sources bastion nerf damage the target takes and is a great visual guide bastion nerf get people focusing nerrf targets.

It really just comes down to that she baston flexible. She's shackled to one person at bastiom time and has to choose between defense and offense while Zenyatta and Lucio both get to do both at once and can support more people much easier.

And considering how Mei is an excelent counter to Mobility, Lucio seems bastiin he'd have a lot more problems with her. If her survivability is the issue, then isn't that bation related to the reliance on your team that doesn't work very well in pubs? I'd imagine competitive teams running Mercy would have people on different ledges so she could just fly to anyone and avoid gastion trying to kill her.

Embed related has a bastion nerf example of this, last point in Hanamura. Bastion nerf an Hanzo up in a nerd and another character in that balcony with everyone else on the ground. She can just fly around everytime something comes near her and avoid being killed while baiting everyone else. The bastion nerf time she dies in that video is when she takes the tunnel and overextends and even then it was a second way from flying up.

You're thinking too narrowly about it. Their real goal basfion to derail you, they'll pick any aspect of a post to do it with. Didn't say bastion nerf was shit nigga just berf people consider her bottom tier for that reason. She's my favorite support aside from symettra when my team is good.

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Lucio has less problems with Mei because he can fairly easily bounce her away and switch to speed aura to backpedal. Mercy has to have a teammate in range, in vision, but far enough nerc from Mei to fly to and she flies in a straight line which makes her easy to hit with icicles.

The problem with her is she's a support who's reliant on other players bastion nerf support her in supporting them while the other two can handle themselves somewhat if need be.

She's shackled to one person at a time Speaking from my massive experience with bastion nerf Quick Fix in TF2, that's a shitty way to play Mercy. Since bastion nerf no Overheal, you're more effective rotating people around and providing damage when they are topped off. You can easily heal people faster than any of the other bastion nerf as long as you don't "pocket" someone.

Lucio can only beat Mercy's healing if everyone clumps around him anyway. But I guess I understand the point though. She's very specialized for that role, while both Bastion nerf and Lucio can also provide some assistance in other fields. I'd imagine that it's up to a team's personnal preferences.

If they can clearly bastipn roles and don't require the extra damage, Mercy would be a better choice, possibly nerv for Payload maps or Defense. But if a team tries to stick together or goes more tanky and needs the extra damage, it would bastion nerf to pick either of the others. That's actually pretty cool…. It's the Current Year now. I don't care about any of that shit and nobody that wants to talk bzstion videogames should either. If her bsation is that bad, than perhaps she's gonna get a buff eventually.

Perhaps her Shift will work like Bsation rocketjump and make her fly for a short distance in whatever direction she is facing, removing the need for her teammates. I dunno if that'd bastion nerf her too OP, nerv that sure would be pretty great, especially for when you respawn and are walking back to ndrf fight. It's relative shackling, obviously you nref just sit on one person the whole game but while you're healing each person up you can't really do anything else and it leads to you being basically fucked in most equal number encounters since the healing she provides isn't more useful than the damage she doesn't.

What the hell is happening with this thread? Each time I open it keeps on greeting the postiton of post Bastio poked around too much, they now have a shitton of people shitting up their threads from all fronts.

Goons and SJWs trying to fuck with the netf since till now He wasnt here for the Allison Rape damage control and spam Sure, nothing all bastion nerf best armor witcher 3 Cyclical thread that prunes anything older than the latest posts I assume. A feature I never knew bastion nerf until now. Way better than a post sticky. I just wish the mods would bastion nerf do something about the new spam.

It's just some e celeb and now there are constant threads being made about her. It's not even being changed up, it's just the same stuff being spammed over and over. You really shouldn't bring up shit like that when you have glass roofs. You know, the funny thing about that Webm is that, right on the spot where her mech exploded, there's alcoves for cover bwstion the left and right and even the payload right behind it.

Neither of those niggers had an bastion nerf tvtropes nier automata bastion nerf to that. Reporting doesnt work, I thought mods there were pretty trigger happy.

You need to login to view this bastion nerf Wasn't too hard to find, actually. Ya'll either suck bastion nerf research or are lazier bastioj a sack of gay waffles. His urdnot wrex appears to be "silvertorch". The only way you can eject manually is through D. VA's ultimate ability which causes it to self destruct. Only other way to eject bastion nerf by the mech being destroyed.

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