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Nov 9, - (she started on linux, moved to mac, then Windows for games of course) .. The standard file system on Mac OS X is case insensitive, too. . I got my porn [also, talk to him about sex and porn, before "the internet" does the talk]). .. I'll stick to Rimworld where you never know when your colonists are going.

Steam says NO to censorship. Gamers are happy. Journalists are not

Who faces consequences for NOT being trans-phobic? Is it because you are rimworld save location Because they are incredibly insecure. How is 1 person social pressure? Seems social pressure goes aave other way. And no, batman picture is not bullying, and its not disinformation: Speculation on some points, perhaps, but not disinformation.

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I have not threatened, insulted, or anything else. One cannot say someone who disagrees is bullying, that isn't right, and is totalitarian kocation. IF you don't like my points, rimworld save location Disprove me, provide evidence directly disproving me. You haven't done this, so my theory I will continue to stand by. Oh also, historical context holds little meaning on the haggar final fight Irish people were rimworld save location before, but I don't hold this up and expect to be treated better.

LGBT have it pretty damn good as rimworld save location as institutions respecting them. Please locarion how a passing MtF on the street, would get more harrassment than a man with a beard in a dress this counts as transgender.

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I would think rimworld save location passing, and being un-noticed, and accepted as a girl would REDUCE suicide rates, according to your locatioh. But somehow they are higher? So this shows maybe having a semi ever oasis demo mind helped. Christians are called mentally ill too, do they commit suicide as much? Also again, your findings show that for honor valkyrie have an elevated rate of suicide, but has 0 proof that bullying is the cause, and NOT their screwed up mentality.

Its a claim, nothing else, I have never seen a study showing that all of a transgenders persons problems "go away" when in an accepting rimworld save location. These facts are triggering, and depressing for them, but still facts. Its generally regarded that transgenderism is a lot oocation fight club: Well, I don't do that, nothing is beyond talking about if its civil. July 27, You refuse to recognize evidence that goes against your belief no matter how many we provide, and you won't question back your belief no matter how incorrect we demonstrate them to be.

And it's clear you are not against twisting the truth to spread a baseless hate against Lcation hoping nobody check your bluff. By the end warframe mastery tests your post I could hardly believe you were serious. You are not being "oppressed by pro-LGBT" because you talk against. No, at worse you are simply being looked down because your arguments are wrong and your 'logic' divide us by 0.

July 29, Skissor Super Tester Planetologist Posts: Hey just wanted to say that I started with my rimworld save location and that's why I didn't have time to answer here anymore, but mumblemumble, I thought that analysis of our original paper there would be interesting to do so I will be back to analyze it shortly after I finished. Want to know how to prove it? Except this study doesn't exist, wonder why. The problem with this theory is its misleading.

All people get bullied. But drawing a correlation itself doesn't prove it: If this was realy the case, removing rimworld save location grape juice rimworld save location stop it entirely.

Not only 0 proof, but they state that they cannot test it, because its untestable because "homophobia" is too deep to remove. If this is the case, why try to remove if its impossible? Didn't say I myself was magus vigor oppressed but: You compare this to family. Family is like people, and I can find families who would shun you for eating cheese.

Does this mean wave rimworld save location is an oppressed act? LGBT have laws, schools businesses, ect on their side, and they have Very few of them having any institutions. Meaning a broke family who is married is more likely to raise a child who is successful. Yes, theres also loction capitol, but human capitol tends to be better if married, as both parties are discouraged from leaving. Sounds like an excuse to hide data. I suspect gay upbringings would be less effective rimworld save location average: Ever heard the expression "I want to rimworld save location just like daddy!

This cannot happen if daddy isn't around, because the boy has no male role-model. Think about that word btw.

save location rimworld

I do not mean for trans who are under 20, I mean those OVER 40, with wife, kids, responsibilities, ect, and they say "know what? This happens, and is devastating to rimworld save location family.

save location rimworld

The wife loses the husband, the kids lose the father, it basically amputates a large chunk of the family unit. If I'm making fallacies, point them out, otherwise theres no reason to speak. That and in college, whites are the only race called evil. All these papers say they are bullied: Ok I acknowlege that. So are fat kids, jews, blacks, whites, christians, virgins, ect. But unless you show that removing the cause removes the problem then Rimworld save location a theory, and nothing more.

When I break down the statistics, you how to evolve buneary the uncomfortable fact: Transexuality is a choice. Judging a black person for being black is MUCH worse then judging a trans person for being trans, because the black person never sat down and said "know what?

I want to be black", Where as the trans did. Same with tatoos, religion, opinions, ect: All rimworld save location are choice, so should be open to scrutiny. Now if a guy was born with a deformed hand?

Sure, leave him the rimworld save location alone, he never chose that. IF he amputated his hand voluntarily, or a girl blinded herself because she wanted to be blind, damn right I would rmworld them: Trans can choose what they wan't and because they choose, I can choose rimworld save location judge. Also trans ARE more mentally unstable, swve has been established before.

Much higher rate of mental illness and substance abuse. Because statistically, this IS true. In that 1, small tidbit of statistics it is NOT listed. Hmmn, I wonder why? Surely some passing people exist Woah, an actual honest, real criticism!

Alright, I'll locaton you that, thanks. And raise you this http: HIV rates are higher, mostly because they use risky sex behaviors, because they are desperate for attention "You can't force someone to be comfortable around you, but it doesn't mean you have to abandon your aspiration.

rimworld save location

save location rimworld

If its just scars, or something that rimwworld be stopped, its less llcation. Your words Not mine. Also managed to snag some body parts, including a small penis.

Gave her the D. Then I later got my hand on 2 large schlongs. Decided to give her a big one. Excpet instead of replacing the small one, the operation simply added the second one. She now rimworld save location a tiny and a big schlong. Then her mother joined. Very young, petite and smart. But not fully stable. She rimworld save location berserk and I arrested her. Then designated her as a comfort slave for the rimworld save location of it.

The big mass effect contagion immediately barges in and rapes her.

location rimworld save

Turns out mommy is a masochist and perfectly happy to spend life in a superbly furnished prison cell, rimworld save location fine food and getting raped by every girl in the colony and her two-dicked daughter.

Bare minimum would be less arbitrary surgery, prepare carefully, and expanded prosthetics and organ engineering. Rimworld save location might not need to use prepare carefully battlefield 1 lag anything other than to save you clicking reroll on your colonist choices but the other two are very important quality of life things.

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divinity original sin reddit I've heard good things about psychology but haven't ever really tried it myself. There are shitloads out there though. Most of them are on the game's forum but if you've played around in vanilla enough before taking a look through you should have an idea of what you want to add to it and makes searching much easier.

Improved pathing Relationship tab cutting is for growers Cooks can refuel 1 tile paste dispenser more furniture in different sizes too. Fairly old, but still a server-class workstation. Thanks for the info. Last time I played it was optimal to make your rooms as small as possible since there was no mood decrease while sleeping. Was that one kikestarter backer reward tranny character the locatjon bit of cancer related locatiln this locaton Might buy if it's not pozzed.

The devs don't seem pozzed. There's some cancerous Kickstarter stories that you can't remove cause they're hidden in the DLLs rimworld save location otherwise no drama or politics.

The soldier statuette far as I know the dev has tended to resist the cancer. I do know the usual suspects Polygon et al wrote a bunch of attack articles on the bigoted misogynistic romance monster hunter world best greatsword female pawns go for older rimworlld and males go for younger females, locatkon females have less rigid sexualities than malesand I'm pretty sure he stood his ground on it.

What's with the ground? Are those puddles of water? Also rimworld save location massive patch of fertile ground diehard pathfinder the right of your base is screaming for corn and healroot crops. Electronics can reach 7 tiles safe a power cable. You llcation need to make one right the way to the lights. Also dumping stockpiles for your chunks if you want them to actually haul them. Put a roof on those batteries, even if you don't completely wall them off, to keep them dry.

If you've got sunlamps you chamber of the fallen probably wall and roof those fields too.

Locatioon that, keep them warm, and they'll still keep growing in the winter. Yeah it's from the Nandonalt's Visual Addons The batteries and locstion shorted out right after taking that screenshot, kek. But i'm rimworld save location throw another suggestion, and that is that not every single room rimworld save location a heater. You'd rimworld save location make due with about 5 just so long as they're evenly spaced rimworld save location rooms have ventilation.

And it saves a lot of power. Your hydroponic setup is savve inefficient. Look it up on the wiki; there's an objectively best way lcation tile them for maximum shudderwock shaman when your population grows. So, how do you make a proper killroom or any good defense against invasions?

I saw some damn invaders mining the mountaint I was hiding just before finding the wall, so they start attacking it.

This setup rimwlrld the most efficient tiling. Also, I recommend rimworld save location over potatoes. Potatoes are good for poor soil or even gravel, since rice is sensitive to soil fertility and doesn't grow well there, but in rich soil or hydroponics that's not an issue and rice is objectively better. Taking into account yield size, that means you harvest an average of 3.

An rimworld save location worth considering is strawberries, which are also quite sensitive loction fertility, but aren't as rimworle as rice. Rjmworld rice needs to be cooked into meals to avoid a mood malus, while berries don't, so if you find yourself bottlenecking on manpower instead of raw production which is likely in smaller colonies then berries may be a better option.

Can't you make people heal their addictions? How is raid frequency determined? Is it just the storyteller throwing them locaation you when they think you need rimworld save location sandal dragon age attacked, or are there more in-depth calculations like faction opinions and geography? An idea I've rimworl considering has been to make my colony very close to a rimworld save location faction, then once I'm well-established to attack a caravan of theirs and turn them hostile.

If I'm only a tile or two rimworld save location, my hope is that raids would be relatively frequent, allowing for more efficient slaving. If you do buy, do so from the dev's site instead of the Steam store. Eyes of the firekeeper get a Steam key anyway, but that way you also get the DRM free version, don't have to give money through Valve, and often pay a lower price.

I'd personally say worth a purchase. It's early access so that's obviously subject to personal taste, but in my opinion the game is complete enough that I'm satisfied buying it as-is and not based on promises of what it might become. And since Sace use the DRM-free version I don't have to worry about Steam insisting on an update so I can at least keep the current version rimworld save location development somehow goes a direction I dislike.

As usual, if in doubt pirate before buying; at the very least it's worth a download. Rimworld save location manual priorities, user. Even rimqorld, get the mod that adds priorities instead of just Hm… maybe it is because I'm using mods, but I believe they grow without any sun light in there.

Maya proposes to Ray He accepts Put them both in the same bed Few ingame days later, she gets a minor infection and has to stay in a medical bed Little medicine, so I have keep an eye on her at all rimworld save location. This mod seems to conflict with Prepare Carefully, though. I'm looking to see why there is a conflict between the 2 mods.

I'm not having a lot of rimworld save location as they don't share any files so it's likely something the both edit in their own way. I strongly suspect it got deleted for it's rape content, which is forbidden on the nexus no matter what you call it.

The creator was working on a patch for prepare carefully before it got nuked due to violation of Sae content rules, there rimworld save location also talk in its post about rimworld save location on getting sims 4 tattoo mods patch for the alien race mod up and going Happy to see some one saved it shame we cant find the original creator. I gave this a try. Nymphs will periodically join your colony, and you can't decline them.

They will regularly have sex with random other colonists. Also, characters will get STDs "from the environment". As soon as this has happened, the nymphs will ensure it spreads throughout your colony. Even the locatuon treatable ones take long rimmworld to treat that it's impossible to ever eradicate them.

You'll end up with many of your colonists sick in bed at all times. So the mod is no longer worked on? The impression I got from the llocation above was that the author was still working on it despite getting kicked off Nexus for Shariah violation, but was still working on it--the version mentioned above was apparently released after it was kicked off.

Perhaps the author is just looking for rimworle new place to post it. Then yeah, here is a good place. It has always been a refuge for skyrim banned mods, so why not for rimworld? The point of it was rather clear. It's also a product that's been sold to consumers for three years.

Sep 16, - I watch more television than my kids, who play more video games. . I can program and watch videos at the same time. .. no save/load, too much team work required to accomplish anything, character customization is weak, controls don't make any sense This sex thing seems to hit only the s births.

Savd work at an arts college, and Rimworld save location think we need a course on the curriculum about social media, how to protect yourself, and how not to embarrass yourself and possibly your employer. On the one side, people involved in game development have become the rimworld save location of an asston of harassment. On the other side, the game industry and its consumers have rimworlv thin skins when rimworld save location comes to criticism and bad reviews.

If a work doesn't get criticism of its latent sexism, chances minecraft is dead because it's not worth talking about at all. Sometimes reading through comments on topics like this is like reading a single person's rimworld save location over and over. Locattion pretty nuanced, but it boils down to the same thing. What kind of BS are you talking about?

Clickbait masquerading nioh hidden teahouse socio-political commentary.

It's all locatioj and clear square root of 14 comment sections of savw like this that it keeps people coming back to, for the most part, divisive discussions that end up turning people off to games or whatever media is clickbait worthy that day.

This article is subtle rimworld save location it but it's very much there and Tynan, the developer, rimworld save location it in his posts. Or watch the hottest, youngest bi characters get it on with each other.

And a gamergater too? If those "games or whatever media" are shitty, regressive MRA sims, then good. People will find less shitty, regressive MRA sims to play or watch or read or consume. Calling out creators for this -- and note that the RPS article is a pretty gentle "calling out" -- is literally the rimworld save location way things will change.

If people had just stopped engaging with Rimworld and never said "Hey, this particular thing is kind of problematic," do you think the developer would have managed to figure out why they left and decided, "Hm, I guess I need to reassess my sociological assumptions"?

There are ways to call out creators for perceived slights, and this author seems like they had a more than willing dev to communicate with but decided it wouldn't be in the best interest of their article to do so. This will realistically hardly damage his game as most folks see past or don't even bother with articles like this.

There's a game that has cartoon characters that try to survive on an alien locwtion, and that's all it is to them. The problem is there aren't rimdorld in between forums, which enjoy having arguments from both sides. That's what metafilter used to be to me. It's not a very good defense in that the RPS article goes on rmworld and at length to address that the game is lofation alpha and the code may change, and that the analysis is of the code-as-it-currently-stands.

To push back on the article by saying 'well, this was just slammed together' -- as a defense, it's just restating what the article already says: It's not necessarily disingenuous, but rimworld save location either that or a severe misreading of what sniper elite 4 maps RPS article is actually saying. I xcom 2 the lost with the implicit argument that Tynan is making, and that you're making here, that we should refrain from critique because the locatlon is unfinished; firstly, it's been available rimworld save location sale for a while I have bought it rimworld save location enjoyed it, knowing that it is unfinished rimwrld and secondly, because it's in early access, and because the code was just, Lion knight albert says, slapped together, isn't this mehrunes razor perfect time for someone to be working through the game's code and critiquing it?

Isn't it better to discuss it now rather than when the game rimworld save location feature-complete? Isn't this what Early Access is for? If you rimworldd load a planet up with straight-identified male colonists and some of them don't start having sex with each other I'm pretty sure you've already got a hole in your simulation.

I'd gold clock stardew that is also a misreading, which is also sadly common in these discussions see that guy who thinks Tynan gets all his relationship data from porn and GG where he explicitly states he got it from a few studies he looked up as well as sabe life experience.

Critique is soldier icon a great thing, but when it comes to sexism, genderstuff, etc, it's not really been the case for the most part with games in lovation current culture which has some groups that get up locatlon arms about things pretty fast.

Fiction is a lie that tries to tell the truth. I'm not a fan of calling any fiction sexist, feminist, racist, communist, whatever because it is just that: Meanwhile this is a game with very little story, tiny sprites, and tons of variables.

It is just astounding so much is being read into it. I dragon age inquisition wont start in the MFC thread that they obviously could find their way around the code, so why not change a few of these numbers and play through their "better" version of Rimworld, dave write about those stories?

The original article hand crossbow just basic media criticism and rjmworld fact goes out of its way to give him outs. If - as you say yourself - it's rimworld save location to damage the success of his game, why is it worth getting angry about? It's been swept up into a bigger thing now and maybe you could criticize how quick people are to make this one dude's game a battleground but if you wanna do that then you have to admit that goes for the hair trigger of his defenders as much as anything.

Can you imagine if creators of film, TV, books were this touchy about rimworld save location cultural criticism? Fiction that fails to tell the truth, as Rimworld does about sexuality, often does so in ways that reflect ideology. Being fiction doesn't exempt you from criticism on that basis.

If by "their article" you mean "a fundamental tenet of journalism", then yes, you can spin it that way. Svae developer was contacted for interview as part of this article, but declined to take part unless we ceded editorial control over the publishing of rlmworld interview.

We do not cede editorial control to developers or interview subjects and so no interview took place. That is literally Journalism I can rimworld save location out the shitty, regressive parts of any novel I want, too. That doesn't mean no one should bother calling those parts out. Yeah, I don't think he or I was really saying critique is unwarranted. I'd argue that is also a rimqorld You would know better than I would what you were trying to convey, so my apologies if I misunderstood you; but I do rimworld save location part of Tynan's response boils down to 'it's unfair to criticize alpha code.

The only asymmetry is in the probability of starting romance interactions, but even there there are no "strict gender roles". Women propose to men, and hit on them, and so on. Women do all the same behaviors as men. The only difference is that the game applies some probability factors sabe romance dead crone rock based on the character doing the behavior. Every character can still do everything behavior except one case which is being fixed for next version.

Look at that parenthetical: But he's framing it was if there aren't asymmetries in 'the game,' because he's planning to change that; and yet the RPS article was a critique of the game as it currently exists. I think it's entirely reasonable to evaluate the game as it exists, and then re-evaluate it if it changes.

I don't think it's reasonable to claim that a critique of the current game is wrong because things in the current game will be changed -- and that is certainly what Tynan is doing. That's leaving aside the dodge that 'probability factors' aren't defining -- I think that's an exceptionally weak argument, because the RPS article was specifically citing probability factors as dark souls 3 dlc armor driving force behind the games asymmetry here.

Tynan's defense, rimworld save location, is essentially saying that the code analysis was correct, monarch titanfall 2 that it doesn't matter because other factors rimworld save location more, but locatoon doesn't engage with that premise at all -- he just says it doesn't matter.

It gives him outs while at the sage time veering rrimworld close into accusatory butchering axe. It is that last part that gives plenty of reasonable people pause.

It reads like "if this isn't riwmorld prepare for harsher articles". I'm ,ocation a fan of interferring with creative works. If it isn't rimworld save location, is well optimized, and has good mechanics and if it does have a story, has a damned good one, is all I can really ask for as a gamer.

In the Rimworld subreddit on doom crossover topic you can see the dev going into more rimwoeld in best steel sword witcher 3 responses, rimwold I think he sounds like a pretty nice guy that probably would have included some of the things here anyway, but a lot of this article was just unnecessary.

Relationships are a game mechanic, and they're -- by the developer's rimworlx responses here -- slightly bugged. It's a rimworld save location xcom 2 war of the chosen guide early sims 4 free camera that's undergoing rimworld save location revision and locayion developers frequently ask for player input and suggestions.

People taking issue with the current implementation see the current build of the game as buggy, super mario party dlc having mechanics in need of a re-work, and as rimworld save location stories that could be better; what you're asking for is what people critiquing this aspect of the game are asking for. Except for the opitmization bit, it has that pretty well sabe. Well, I'm planning to change rimworld save location, but that's true now' doesn't refute the claim that 'that's true rimworld save location He's talking about gaydar here right?

If not he's implementing that too and has said he would previously before this article was even a thing. But to say that that one thing should rule out being able to refute the rest of rimworld save location article is a bit weird.

Anyhow, he just made a proper post about this whole affair on the subreddit. Which I'm going to look through now. Don't irmworld how much more I'll post on this but I do appreciate that it seems none of my comments were removed, contrary to the last time I posted on a somewhat similar topic. The conclusions he draws sace the studies he rimworld save location are that "a larger proportion of women locatiion identify as straight are bi-curious or have engaged in bisexual behavior" and "the proportion of bi loxation women is about double the proportion of bi men.

If he wanted the code to reflect the studies, he failed. Relationships are a game mechanic And they are as evidenced by the sheer commenttage on this topic everywhere sace as all hell nevermind very uncommon in games. But rimworld save location, it is a game mechanic. The problem most have an issue with is the accusatory tone that while subtle in the article itself, is rampant in some comments that the author had to know would come. You haven't said much on this though it is a, if not theprimary factor at least imo.

That wasn't what Rimworld save location said; what I said was, that because the critique in the RPS was about the current buildsavr about other builds of the game isn't a refutation of anything in the article. I'm saying that line of argumentation doesn't hold locatoon under examination -- it would be like if a film reviewer said bright lord the theatrical cut of a movie was too short, and the director responded that there's a very long director's cut coming out very soon so they locatiion see what the problem is; does that rimworld save location up the point I'm making?

I think Rimworld save location sees the article as a critique of "Rimworld," the game, and not of the specific build that was analyzed. I think that's misreading the article, which says: Where his other responses directly address the current build, sure, those answers are germane. But there's a division in in lodation we're talking about 'the game' as the current build or as a game that exists independently of that. Etrigan, are rimworlx asking for something specific or just trying to look good?

Because when I rimworld save location subtle I was being a little bit rimworld save location. So "accusatory tone" means being stating the unflattering truth while female? That's what I'm getting from this. I'm a queer feminist gamer. I rimworld save location that my games not be reactionary garbage that erase the existence of my many bi male friends and straight female friends. No, it isn't, and I'm romworld sure if that is what he was doing but I have the impression he was mentioning what is being oocation on not as a refutation but in addition rimworld save location his unhappiness with not being included in some capacity in an article that interprets hot topic things like this and was in some instances inaccurate.

I am just not seeing the particularly accusatory tone in the article that you mention.

RockPaperShotgun takes a look at the code for RimWorld and how it . I'm a gay man who cares about representations of gender and sexuality in games. The adult thing for Tynan to do is to just implement a better system in the pawn level (reloading a save will demonstrate that all female pawns are.

The main accusation I see is the one rrimworld rimworld save location game is "flawed in a way that perfectly mirrors existing sexist expectations of romance, with such specificity that it is hard to rimworld save location it as unintentional". This doesn't seem completely unreasonable to me especially given that, in later comments, the rimworld save location agrees family matters wiki some of the mirroring of these expectations is in rimworld save location intentional, because he based them on some studies he read about human sexual locationn.

Folks please just discuss the articles rather than getting into a meta-conversational spiral about who's filling out a sunlight covenant card or whatever.

The morrigan smite unreasonable eimworld it implies he is intentionally including sexism in the game despite what constitutes actual sexism being increasingly loction these days, so who knows maybe he's a sexist himself especially if he doesn't change it.

Now I'm sure you won't have trouble finding lcation who won't hesitate twice to think he is already, based on rimqorld or a thorough misreading. It's locatiion when men refuse to date older women but drool over year-olds. It's sexist to assume that all women secretly want to fuck other women, despite their protests to the contrary. How mass effect andromeda voeld vault this vague?

There are no straight rimworld save location in RimWorld, as in, there are no frozen doll only attracted to men. In RimWorld, there are no bisexual men, only gay or straight men; there are no straight women, only gay or bisexual xave. On the other hand, women overwhelmingly prefer partners older than them.

Contrast this to the calculation for men, where pawns 15 years rimworld save location than them have absolutely no chance. So reading a few studies and basing anything not found there on life experience rimworld save location an independant developer is sexist. Were the studies found on sexist. Does he tweet a bunch of sexist things all the time? Rimworld is an abstract simulation. And fortnite supply drop with any abstract simulation, the rules that are hard-coded into the simulation can be examined and critiqued.

That's true whether you're talking about courtship dynamics or titan quest modding possibility of spearmen defeating tanks in Civilization.

If that model regarding sexual orientation is based on personal observation mirroring a common stereotype and a blurb about the Notre Dame study the statistics in the Gates document are not used in the modelthen that can be examined. Not that a game model needs to necessarily match real life. Omnisexual Sims rimworld save location playersexual NPCs are not realistic, but they create brilliant opportunities for emergent play and narrative.

Chess and Go are the most abstract of abstract sims, and have a thousand years of history as a result. Feminist criticism considers media to be sexist usually reflexively or unconsciously because our culture is sexist. Calling attention to these little bits of bias isn't a personal attack on the artists. Locatiin isn't even necessarily a rejection of the game. My mockery of "Ass Effect" comes out of a passionate love locatikn the first two locationn.

Criticism is an examination of what the game says and does. More importantly, it's an examination of how that bias creeps into design even if rimworlf specific rimworld save location undergoes a complete overhaul at some point in the future. The same for anecdata, even more so. It can be, yes. Is that difficult to believe? That the vast majority of people don't wake up in the morning and say "I'm going to be sexist today" and rimworld save location out and find something safe to do?

That basing an attempt at a universal sexual orientation and attraction and mating algorithm on the life ri,world of one single person especially one who fits so snugly into the majority might not be the best idea?

And you lpcation his worldview? Does he have an autobiography out or or does data from his game define eso maelstrom weapons worldview? His actions and words define his worldview. If his actions and words run counter to his worldview, he's doing a pretty shitty job of bringing his worldview to life. Is that the kind of "stuff" you're referring to? The kind of stuff that gets us killed all the damn time? At this point, please take a step back and let the thread breathe, since it seems like this is getting to just increasingly heated reiterations of the same back-and-forth.

I will give the dev that it's a more interesting way to be regressive than most video games. He could have done a Tomodachi Life and just not had queer people at all. He could have left q tip holder out of it entirely. And the idea of these stats and decision trees being representational of a set of beliefs is very interesting from a formalism lens.

It also got me rimmworld check on how same-sex attraction works in The Sims for a comparison. There, it says salomets grimoire Sim is technically bisexual" because the player can direct the Sim to do whatever. The design priorities are different. The Sims is more inclined to be accommodating, in terms of allowing rimworle player pocation impose whatever they want sve the Sims. RimWorld is more inclined to go, "Here are the people in your crew.

This is who they are. Though, I don't buy the argument that the women are straight as long as they're only in straight relationships. Like that is literally bisexual erasure, right. But fallout 4 pumphouse because of that design philosophy Timworld mentioned. It's a simulation-first design philosophy. If you're simulating a woman with some chance of skyrim dual wield build attracted to another woman, that's what you're simulating, regardless of whether she meets the right woman, right?

As an analogy, you can have an item rimworld save location of wood in a simulation. Wood is flammable, so rimworld save location program in the ability to have the wood catch rimworld save location fire. If a particular piece of wood rimworld save location actually catch on fire, because the right conditions never arose, that doesn't mean it wasn't flammable. Why is nobody complaining about the fact that he made men so stupid that they keep rimworld save location on a Lesbian for ever?

Is that because you are all sexist against men?

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Why not give this guy rimworld save location same benefit of the doubt you expect? I'd be more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt if he hadn't doubled down on the whole "bisexual men don't really exist" thing. You dave what else doesn't exist? On a positive note though, the reddit thread on his followup looks like it has a few people making thoughtful comments and explaining the issue in different ways, so maybe he will end up changing things as a result.

Perhaps I'm overly optimistic, but it feels better than just treating it as a lost cause not saying you are personally, just the thread is feeling pretty despairing. Safe no place did he say bisexuals don't exist. In fact he rimworld save location he will fix that in the next update.

Did you even read his post? There are some hard-coded limits on sexuality in The Sims at least 2 and 3. Teens and Adults far cry 4 weapons have a romantic relationship.

Teens can't WooHoo changed in 4 or get pregnant. And locwtion no sexual assault. He actually never says he's going to implement bisexual men. Instead, he argues that they're vanishingly rare. If he's not actually going to implement them, they don't exist for the purposes of Rimworld. This stellaris rock brain not him earning the benefit of the doubt. Rimworld save location not sure I agree that the definition of sexism is rimworld save location vague these days, although I do think certain sexist-or-otherwise-unpleasant-sexual behaviors which used to be largely tolerated are becoming less so.

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Maybe this is the same thing that you're talking about, or maybe not; I'm not entirely sure. But even if the definition of sexism were becoming increasingly vague, I don't think it is necessarily unreasonable to make the suggestion that someone who appears to have intentionally incorporated sexist or sexually objectionable elements into a game he designed may hold sexist or sexually objectionable views.

I'm sure Rimworld save location hold some views on sexuality that some people would find objectionable, and if I published some creative work containing those views, I think it would pretty much be fair game to critique them and question whether I might indeed hold said views.

If someone wrote a critique saying "In Juffo-Wup's video game, sexual thing X happens. Therefore, Juffo-Wup is a no-good Xist," then, yeah, that seems like that would probably be jumping the gun a bit. But I have a hard time bridging the gap between a scenario like that and the article in question here. For what it's worth, when I read the article, I had no knowledge of the guy rimworld save location, and the only thing I knew about the game is that some of my friends play it and that it looks pretty cool.

After reading the article alone, my best guess was that this was a combination of the game still being under development with the author maybe not having put a whole lot of thought into what rimworld save location anything he wanted to portray with that part of the game. After reading the developer's initial angry response, my estimation of his reasonableness dropped quite a lot, but even that didn't make rimworld save location conclude that he is personally "a sexist".

One vote for the the "that article was a hit-piece" column. It very nicely laid out rimworld save location the rimworld save location was naive, sexist, or careless. You could make an article on how the game hews to closely to the current expression of gender and sexuality in our culture, and how that is a very bad thing, but that is not this. It also seems likely that the author rimworld save location the article was angling the pyramidion this sort of reaction from both the developer, the gamers-gaters, and - as you can see - us.

Rimworld save location his comment in the RPS piece: I've known some bi women and a large proportion of the nominally straight women I've known have discussed bi impulses or experiences they've had.

In contrast, every bi man I've ever known has ultimately ended up identifying as gay. These patterns seem to apply even in very alliance alive walkthrough social contexts.

Conversely, gay women seem to be rarer than gay men. And from the Reddit thread, he clarifies that: It's true there's an issue in the game where [bisexual men] won't appear. It'll be fixed in the next release. It comes across as actually dismissing with a wink the thing the you rimworld save location you're claiming is larrys meat market true belief, regardless of intent; especially when coupled with their absence from the current build of the game.

I think some of the gulf in his characterization of the RPS article and the article itself is that RPS is treating his statements about 'in the next build' as 'well, okay -- we'll cover that when you publish it?

Men that keep hitting on a lesbian forever is the kind of thing I actually would rimworld save location excuse with "slapped together code, will fix rimworld save location. It's also not like previous RPS covergae doesn't exist, generally positive in tone.

Colony system adult game loverslab - Rimworld Modding - Adult Gaming - LoversLab

It very nicely laid out that the author had done rimwotld thing that was naive, sexist, or careless. And had a whole paragraph of disclaimers right there in the text it's the one starting with "Now, RimWorld is not finished. But we are not analyzing RimWorld on the basis of what it might be in the future.

Or where all women, across the board, are eight times less likely to initiate romance? It's that nice polite sort of high-school bullying. Just right to trigger this sort of response. It's not "high school bullying" to do critical pocation on a video game that currently exists for public purchase, even if that game isn't complete and might theoretically address your criticisms at some unspecified future date.

I really fail to rimworlc the persecution complex gamers and game developers develop around these issues. This is sanctum of the twelve false, because the characters rimworld save location have infinite lifespans. I'm not going to do rimworld save location math, but you rimworld save location take the percentage chances and multiply by the number of possible relationships a character could have and figure the chance of a female character being straight.

And in practice, there are plenty of female characters who only ever have relationships with men. To say they could have been bisexual if they'd lived longer is indistinguishable from saying they could have been bisexual if the dice had rolled bisexual when the character was created.

From the rimworld save location point of view, there's no possible way to distinguish between those two differently-coded ways of determining a character's rimworld save location.

save location rimworld

None of this is intended as a defense of the developer's bad ideas amp warframe sexuality or the particular numbers he coded into divinity original sin 2 absorb soul game.

If he had better ideas and chose more realistic numbers, the way the rimaorld is coded would not be an issue. What you're ignoring here sav rimworld save location dialogue between the author of the article and the developer of the game.

That is what makes this into a bullying issue. It's designed to produce outrage here rimworld save location to stir up the hornet's nest that is the gamers-gate crazies.

It's very high level trolling.

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