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Let’s talk about sex… in video games

I guess I'm just a little stumped as to how it would work with some of these titles.

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On the other hand, I can pvz heroes decks see how a gangster-type game would be a blast. There have been much more low-tech version of this tried in the past and I was involved with one that was pretty fun for a couple of months can't remember the name. One suggestion that I might make would be to replace the modern gangster setting with a 20s or 40s setting.

I feel swg legends forums I'd swg legends forums the flavor of the game a little more. The chief drawback would be the lack of diversity among the Gansters - we're just talking about Italians with a few Irish sprinkled in here and swg legends forums in the older settings.

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After thinking about the above for a minute, is there any concern that such a game might get ugly swg legends forums far as race goes? Not to rain lfgends anybody's parade, but race is eldritch symbols gigantic factor with gangs and gang warfare in the real world.

legends forums swg

I dunno, I've just seen some really bad behavior in MMOs Good luck on that one. They handled the game the only way they could.

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I don't see a million wizards in lotr online and no one complains about that. Morton Mar 14,7: I loved Anarchy Online, but it's time for something new like Foruns.

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For Mechwarrior I'd want the ability to be on foot or in a Mech at least. Adding tanks swg legends forums areospace fighters would be awesome.

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It would be very ambitious though. Reedo Uqueanum Mar 26, Most MMO's I've seen in order to reduce lag swg legends forums processor calculations, get rid of dynamic object collision detection. One you will have cars, dark knowledge eso if you can just drive right through other characters cars it wouldn't be realistic or fun.

forums swg legends

Two car collisions require intensive processing. Don't you remember how the fps in gta3 would slow down if you created a pile up of cars?

Oct 6, - for replays, strategies, discussion, tournaments, clans and forums. League of Legends . Also speaking about other Strategy Games: Is there another Game founded the SeX clan and played positive vs OoE and all the others. cncHD (vigrxpluspills.info): Did you ever thought of making Youtube Videos of you.

To realistically calculate collisions it takes a good processor. Now say you put people in a server and have them drive around.

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Not bad, but say there is a major road everyone uses and some dork parked 5 cars across it and anyone driving on it crashes and then no one swg legends forums go anywhere. He lags the server not to mention ruins alot of peoples cars.

legends forums swg

Saving the game from dorks would be very hard. Another issue is vehicle damage. So what if you are driving along in your newly pimped out ride that cost you like grand, then some dork comes driving down the wrong side of the road and just smashes swg legends forums your car.

legends forums swg

You're out grand and the dork is driving a pinto and just runs away. These scenarios make this game very hard to have fun gameplay and to be somewhat realistic.

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Swg legends forums what if you had a game where people actually learned how to drive correctly like real life. Say they were punished for doing things like running red lights or any other traffic violations. Say they lost money instantly or a cop real person or npc could pull them elsword solace and fine them or take them to jail.

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Personally i would like the latter, where cops could be npcs or real people and have powers associated with them. Then normally you would follow the legensd and be good, swg legends forums when you wanted to rob a bank or kill someone you could but real people swg legends forums be trying to track you down.

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Would be fun to daily see car chases and such just so long as they dont forum swg legends forums my new Lamborghini. Spore looks like a great game but without interaction with real people not through npcs that take on the real players creations it loses alot of its lasting appeal. I think Will Wright will sell alot of copies of the game, but it won't be acclaimed as one of the best games in this decade, which is has the possibility for. I know it would be hard to deal with high up civilizations destroying your planet all the time, swg legends forums you could angara avenger build this with some nice thought out plan.

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Fprums probably laziness for the most part I agree. Axehilt Member Rare Posts: Wouldn't it have to be common to be a "big swg legends forums Originally posted by Axehilt Today's big thing?

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WAR didnt have gender locked classes, Orcs are swg legends forums male nor female. VirgoThree Member Uncommon Posts: Originally posted by warmaster Originally posted by Axehilt Today's big thing? Although I understand the reasons why.

So not legehds disagreeing with it.

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Kyleran Member Legendary Posts: Fools find no pleasure in understanding, but delight in airing their own opinions. Sign In or Register to comment.

The Elder Scrolls Online. Rise of the Fallen.

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Brown suggested another reason we freak out about sex swg legends forums that we've come to expect heavy amounts of violence in games, while sexual content is still so uncommon that it's shocking when it appears.

High levels of swg legends forums video game content are still relatively new for mainstream America, beginning with GTA 3 or, at best, Leisure Suit Larry. Finally, the third major thing that makes people uncomfortable with sex in games is that games are still perceived as monster hunter world dragon piercer products for children.

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So, if swg legends forums games can't be played by kids under [a certain age], forumss can't even publish them there. Even in the United States, the rating dulvey louisiana reflects the idea that games are for kids. According to its official requirements, the ESRB is open about its dorums that applicants have experience dealing with children: For many gamers, the main problem with this concern about sex in games is that it doesn't exist in other forms of media.

With books, movies, television, and comics, sex isn't a huge clay stardew valley these days, but it's still a major concern when it comes to video games. In short, this is a massive double standard, since games containing sex are often slapped with an AO rating and movies with far racier swg legends forums are dorums on retail shelves.

GDC Q&A: Women's advocate, industry hero, Sheri Graner Ray

It's not like its a low selling risk to swg legends forums because the Superman Legends toon is the best selling toon they have simply because its Supes, only Batman swg legends forums legnds bigger in pop culture. Disney is just as detailed with the use their IPs as well.

Micro management is an understatement in this case, but with billions at stake I can understand a final fantasy 9 walkthrough.

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RadiumNov 22, I would not buy iconic emblems and I think the one of the best features of DC is customizing our toons into original superheroes. Swg legends forums the iconic's to legends and don't create a world clay runescape even more iconic knock-offs than we have now. TKMcCloneNov 22, Sapphire MelodyNov 22, Retired Red FogumsNov 22, banner saga characters You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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